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pick_any_star's Journal

The Madame De Pompadour Appreciation Society
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Welcome to the Madame De Pompadour Appreciation Society
Loving the amazing uncrowned queen Reinette!

Most specifically, Madame de Pompadour as she is portrayed in Doctor Who, episode 2.04 "The Girl in the Fireplace". A subject of romance and high controversy, it is more often than not that fans, like much of history, are split on their opinions of her.

This is the place to be if you love her!

What did we think of Reinette? We found her intriguing. We found her sassy. We found her witty. We found her wonderful. This is where we're going to share it!

Share your fic, share your art, share your love! We even encourage healthy debate!


1) Stay on topic. This is a community for Madame de Pompadour. You are welcome to bring up any topic regarding her as a character in Doctor Who, as a character in another fiction program, or as a historical figure. Just stick to it!

2) No character bashing. This is not an anti-Rose community. Someone needs to eventually tell me where the heck this Rose/Reinette battle in fandom originated. The only Rose/Reinette allowed here is where that slash is a big, healthy femmeslash (or friendship slash). Debate is all right. We love debate. Just don't bash.

3) Do not bash fellow community members. Everyone is allowed differing opinions. Cruelty will result in banning. No exceptions.
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